Artathon on Europark

Artathon 15: The Man and Ball

Out on the eastern extremities of the town ‘The Man and Ball’ sits on the edge of the B&Q carpark in Ransomes Europark. By sculpture Giles Penny this is one of five identical bronze casts (two of the other four can be found in Portsmouth and Cheltenham) and very much along the same lines as the other commissions he has undertaken. At busy times the sculpture gets lost amidst a sea of cars so perhaps one of Penny’s other peices may have been more appropriate for the space.

Artathon 16: The Rhumba

Originally part of an exhibition in Christchurch Park ‘The Rhumba’ by Peter Blunsden was moved to Ransomes Europark in the summer of 1995. Now rather forlorn looking – covered as it is with ivy and weeds – it is constructed from pieces of steel that have been welded together to form the outline of a Cuban dancer.

View larger images in my Flickr stream here and here.

Full Artathon details here.


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