Artathon Mixed Bag

Artathon 11 of 47: Madonna of Ipswich

Ipswich was once a centre for religious pilgrimage with commoners and royalty alike visiting the town and, in particular, the one time St Mary’s Chapel that contained a statue of the Madonna and Child carved from oak. The chapel was shutdown on the orders of Henry VIII during the reformation and the statue taken to London for burning. However, it was rescued enroute and taken by ship to Nettuno, Italy, itself an important center of pilgrimage and still one today. This replica of the statue, by the sculptor Robert Mellamphy, is mounted on a wall in Lady Lane in modern day Ipswich roughly where the old chapel would have stood.

Artathon 12 of 47: The Trawlerman

A rich maritime Ipswich certainly has but it has never been a home for a significant fishing industry (although I’m more than happy to corrected on this) so the significance of this statue is lost on me and probably on the thousands of Sainsburys shoppers who pass it every week on their way into the grocery stores car park on Hadleigh Road.

Artathon 13 of 47: Spirit of Youth

By John Ravera, the sculptor also reponsible for ‘The Trawlerman’ (above), this piece is tucked away in a small courtyard off Museum Street, roughly opposite Arlington’s Brasserie. As with the Trawlerman this piece is cast from bronze as are other pieces by the artist near London’s Battersea Bridge, Bracknell and elsewhere.

View larger images in my Flickr stream here, here and here.

Full Artathon details here.


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