Giles Family

Artathon 10 of 47: Giles Family

Giles FamilyGrandma celebrates Town's FA Cup success!The Giles Family statue shows “Grandma” and various other characters from the cartoon strip by Carl Giles that appeared for many years in the Daily Express.

London born Giles lived and worked in the Ipswich area until his death in 1995. His prodigious output numbered 7,500 official cartoons, many of which have a football theme, including one of Grandma in ITFC regalia prior to the 1978 FA Cup Final.

First unveiled in September 1993 by comedian Warren Mitchell in the presence of Giles himself the statue was re-sited last year (by a matter of yards) as part of a redevelopment project at the junction of Princes Street and Queen Street in an area now known as “Giles Circus”.

View larger image in my Flickr stream.


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  1. Does anyone know how I might obtain a printed copy of the Giles Grandma cartoon with her in ITFC regalia? Thanks!


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