Southwold & Southwold Harbour


Southwold, a set on Flickr.

Today is the first of a two day break from work and we headed up the A11 in glorious sunshine to Southwold. Despite being a Monday there were still quite a number of fellow tourists/holidaymakers around although not in sufficient numbers to spoil my first visit to Britain’s quintessential seaside resort (Mrs Extremegroundhopping has been here several times before on school trips).

Dubbed Hampstead-on-Sea, due to its high number of second and very expensive homes, it has retained its original character and thus avoided the modernisation and commercialistaion that have ruined (in my opinion) the likes of Yarmouth another popular seaside destination a bit further up the Suffolk coast. Southwold is a very pretty town indeed. It has a recently renovated pier, a working lighthouse slap in its middle, a couple of large and well looked after churches, lots of shops selling local produce, brightly coloured beach huts and an Adnam’s brewery!

A short walk along the beach brings you to the equally pleasant Southwold Harbour. Once a bustling herring port locally caught sea food is still landed here and is available from the half-dozen or so fishmongers that are scattered in amongst the boat repair yards. And not forgetting the Alfred Corry Museum that is home to a beautifully restored 1893 lifeboat.


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