Cambridge University Press 0 Gorleston 1

16-04-2011: Cambridge University Press 0 Gorleston 1 (Ridgeons League First Division) Cass Centre, Cambridge

‘The Press’ were formed in 1893 making them the oldest club in this University town having been around longer than both Cambridge City (1908) and Cambridge United (1912). However it was only last summer that the team made the move up from the Cambridgeshire FA County League to the Ridgeons League.

Essentially the works side of the Cambridge University Press (the Press is the oldest printing and publishing house in the world and the teams primary sponsor) they play their home games at the Cass Centre which stands on the Press site a fifteen minute amble south of the city centre.

Most of my non-league ground visits go ahead without a great of planning – grounds are picked at random with no particular eye on key fixtures – so the fact that this game proved to be the one that saw Gorleston secure promotion from Division One of the Ridgeons League to the Premier Division was pure chance.

The only goal of the game, six minutes from time, won the Norfolk side all three points in this clash against ‘The Press’ who themselves are also in the hunt for a promotion place. A week ago Gorleston won the First Division KO Cup and now – five points clear of second place Diss Town and with three games left to play – are favourites to clinch the Division One title too.

The choice of fixture also gave me a chance to wander around a few of Cambridge’s many museums beforehand, namely the Scott Polar Research Institute Museum, The Cambridge Museum of Zoology and the Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences. Although I didn’t allow sufficient time to do them all justice.

At the SPRI the highlight for me was the display of a sample of some of the 1,700 photographs taken by Herbert Ponting when he accompanied Captain Scott on his mission to explore Antarctica between 1910 and 1913. Ponting was a pioneer of artic photography and his images – even a century later – are quite special.

Where did the creators of the Alien creature in the Alien Movie Triology go for inspiration? Look no further than nature itself where a quick glance at the some of the exhibits in the Cambridge Museum of Zoology would give no end of ideas for life forms to inhabit future science fiction movies. The marine section contains examples of some pretty evil looking creatures from the ocean depths.

And if fossils and dinosaurs are your thing then the Sedgewick Museum of Earth Sciences is a must. A complete Iguanodon skeleton stands just inside the museum entrance guarding over a sample of the museums collection of 1.5 million fossils, rocks and mineral specimens. The interior is filled with rows of fixed cases, more or less as it would have been when first opened, which has been done intentionally to retain the Victorian/early Edwardian character of the museum.

More pictures here.


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