Blakeney, NNR & Weybourne Beach (again)

North Norfolk Day Seven:

North Norfolk Railway- Pictured leaving Weybourne Station the morning train makes the ten and a half mile run from Sheringham to Holt on the “Poppy Line”. A mile and a bit’s walk from our cottage, the idyllic Weybourne Station, which has appeared in Dad’s Army and other TV shows, is also the home of the NNR’s restoration workshops. The line has seven steam locomotives, two of which are currently in service, and fifteen diesel engines. A possible link up with the other private rail line in the area – The Mid Norfolk Railway – to create a Norfolk Orbital Railway have yet to get beyond the planning stage but if completed would serve some eighteen communities in the area.

Blakeney- Another town that at one time would have been part of North Norfolk’s bustling fishing and maritime community but one that now relies almost exclusively on tourism for its income. It is also another community that is fighting to retain a physical link with the ocean as once navigable creeks silt up with mud. Many of the cottages that hug the narrow streets were renovated by a housing trust after they had fallen into a poor state of repair post WWII.

Weybourne Beach- Our week in Norfolk ends almost where it began with a walk along the beach at Weybourne. Pictured is a WWII pill box that looks to be edging ever closer to the sea. It is one of many such defences along a stretch of coastline considered since the time of Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada to be one of England’s most vulnerable.


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