Wells next the sea & Wells Town FC

North Norfolk Day Six:

In the early 1800’s Wells-next-the-sea was the principal port along this stretch of coast and as recently as the 1990’s handled as many as 200 large vessels a year. Today the traffic on channel between the harbour and the sea – some two miles away at low tide – consists mainly of pleasure craft and small crabbing boats.

A large embankment, built in the early part of the last century, protects the channel and provides for a road out to a mobile home park, beyond which is a large stretch of sand and many colourful beach huts. I can’t say that I’ve ever hankered for one myself but am impressed with the care that is taken in their maintenance and decoration. Many a stretch of otherwise uninteresting coast is enhanced by clusters of these upmarket sheds.

Also running out along this embankment is the Wells Harbour Railway, a narrow gauge affair that can be boarded (in the summer season) at a stop adjacent to the home of Anglian Combination Football League side Wells Town FC.


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