Stade du Fort Carre War Memorial

Football Statues No 38 (in a series of several): Stade du Fort Carre War Memorial, Antibes, France

Technically not a football statue but the War Memorial at the Stade du Fort Carre in Antibes, France, is such a prominent feature of the home of amateur side FC Antibes Juan-les-Pins that it is worthy of an honorable mention in this series.

Located between Cannes and Nice on the French Riviera, Stade du Fort Carre in the town of Antibes was one of the grounds used by the French when they hosted the 1938 World Cup.

With the star shaped medieval Fort Carre overlooking its western touchline and the Mediterranean sea behind the north goal (and the Alps off in the distance), a stadium that today holds just 7,000 fans back in 1938 had a capacity of 24,000 making it the largest in south-eastern France.

FC Antibes Juan-les-Pins were also one of the countries first professional clubs and played in the top-tier of French football until the outbreak of World War Two, the statue, however, was erected to honor the dead of World War One and sits on top of a stone terrace behind which a grass bank rises up to meet the fort.

One of ten grounds used during the tournament it staged just one game, the 8-0 second round trashing of Cuba by Sweden on June 12th, 1938.

Top picture from The Football Grounds of Europe by Simon Inglis, bottom picture from here.


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