Orgryte IS 0 IF Elfsborg 2

21-09-2000: Orgryte IS 0 IF Elfsborg 2 (Allsvenskan) Gamla Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden

Gamla Ullevi

This was the original Ullevi Stadium, and Gothenburg’s primary football stadium until it was replaced by the Nya, or new, Ullevi in 1957 in readiness for the World Cup a year later. From this point onward it became known as the Gamla, or old, Ullevi.

Built in 1916 – on the site of a 600 capacity cycling stadium – it was constructed as a football only stadium with a capacity of 12,000 – despite promises from City of Gothenburg to cater for archery and Equestrianism – although it has since been used for a variety of other sports including ice hockey and figure skating.

Gamla Ullevi

The main spectator entrance was through a not entirely unattractive gateway with triangular roof (shown above just prior to its demolition) with arriving fans funneled through the entrance by strategically placed rows of potted plants. This led, off to the left, to a bank of uncovered terracing behind one goal and, straight ahead, to the main covered grandstand with terracing at the front and seating and the rear.

Opposite the main stand was a low level covered terrace on the far touchline while behind the other goal was another section of low level terrace covered over with a structure that could easily have been confused with a large barn.

Gamla Ullevi

The grounds record attendance was set in May 1957 when 32,357 fans turned out for the league game between Orgryte IS and IF Elfsborg. This was, coincidentally, the same pairing as the game that I watched, although the crowd was closer to 3,000 than 30,000.

In 2007 the Gamla Ullevi was completely demolished and rebuilt although the new stadium retains the Gamla Ullevi moniker.

Pictures from here and here, while more pictures can be found here.


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