Freemasons Hall

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 22 Freemasons Hall

Freemasons Hall

Although my grandfather and also my father-in-law were both lodge members – although not of the Ipswich one – I profess little or no knowledge of Freemasonry, although I was vaguely aware that the late Sir Alf Ramsey was a mason, a notion confirmed by this article that highlights a few of the links between masonry and our national game. And with six million masons worldwide there are, no doubt, many many others.

So Sir Alf, along with Jackie Milburn, another former Town manager, were both masons. Sir Alf, who left Ipswich in 1963 to manage the national side was succeeded as England manager by Joe Mercer, another mason, who in turn was succeeded by Don Revie and then Ron Greenwood, also masons, for four in a row. Hugh Johns, ITV’s man with the mic during their early forays into live football coverage, and the voice of the commercial channel at the 1966 World Cup Final, was an active mason as was Sir Stanley Rous, one time president of FIFA!

The 19th century Freemasons Hall is another listed building that sits directly south of Christchurch Park and Mansion.


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  1. Had no idea Jackie Milburn was a freemason (and Len Shackleton too!). Those masonic links didn’t help him much at Ipswich. Didn’t Ramsey famously refuse to give him a single word of advice when he took over as manager?


  2. Posted by prideofanglia on February 9, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    My understanding is that there was a deliberate overlap in Milburn’s and Ramsey’s managerial reigns so that the latter could handover to the former. It’s my understanding too that Ramsey was involved in the selection of his successor. Ramsey of course was off to manage England and I can’t imagine why there would have been any animosity between the two. But that’s not to say there wasn’t. A few years later when Bobby Robson became Town manager he bought a home in Ipswich very close to Sir Alf’s. Sir Alf, rather arrogantly perhaps, expected the young Robson to come to him for advice on team matters. Which he never did!


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