Isaacs on the Quay Public House

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 19 Isaacs on the Quay Public House

Isaacs on the Quay Public House

Formerly known as the ‘Malt Kiln’ and ‘Cobbolds on the Quay’ (when pictured above around 2005), ‘Isaacs on the Quay’ was formerly a maltings and is another of example of the many buildings in the town that were converted into maltings during the boom in malt and feed production during the 19th century and converted for alternative use afterwards. The Isaac is for Isaac Lord, a local businessman, who bought the waterfront site from the Cobbold brewery in 1900.

The distinctive historic malt kiln takes centre stage inside the pub, which dates from the late 18th/early 19th century, although some parts are possibly older. The pub was extended into the neighbouring warehouse (also a listed building and on the right in the picture) in 2009 and planning permission was granted late last year for the conversion of the Old Lloyds Bank building immediately to the north into a micro brewery.


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