Remains of BlackFriars Priory

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 18 Remains of BlackFriars Priory

Remains of BlackFriars Priory

Remains of the 13th-16th Century Friary of the Blessed Virgin are located just off Foundation Street, the order of Blackfriars, who built it, having established themselves in Ipswich in 1263. They survived the initial Reformist purge (the Priory of St Peter and St Paul and the Holy Trinity Priory elsewhere in Ipswich were closed in 1528 and 1537 respectively) but the Friary was eventually closed in 1538 and its lands granted to the town.

Parts were demolished and parts used for other purposes (including a hospital and brewery) over the next four to five hundred years until all that remains today of a church that would have measured 150 feet long (making it the largest in Ipswich) are four arcades (pictured), its foundations and the support structure for an altar.

Thanks to action by residents the council were prevented from driving a dual carriageway through the area in the 1970’s, and in the 1980’s a scheme to provide a car park and low-cost rented accommodation resulted in the church being excavated, exposed and preserved.


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  1. Looks surprisingly liked the one of the same name in Newcastle city centre, even down to the new-build shoeboxes in the background.


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