Kersey & Lavenham


Having lived in Suffolk for the majority of my life it is quite easy to become blasé about the beautiful county that it is (for the most part). It’s not a stunning county (we don’t have the Jurassic Park like coastline of Cornwall, or the dramatic lakes of the North West, etc) but we are surround by some picturesque country side and many many villages and towns that just ooze quaintness. Two such examples are Kersey and – six miles away – Lavenham, that myself and the ministering angel of domestic bliss visited earlier today. Not the first time we’ve been but then neither losses its appeal no matter how many times you visit.


Kersey takes its name from the woollen cloth that was once produced hereabouts. The main street is lined with timber framed buildings all of which are immaculately maintained. The ford half way through the village has the tourists oohing and aahing during the summer months I’m sure, but today just the boss and I were doing that as we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Pretend that the cars aren’t there and the village is probably much as it was 500 years ago.


Lavenham was once one of the wealthiest settlements in England and had made its name – and money – in the wool trade too. The church which looms over the town is of cathedral like proportions (built by wealthy wool merchants buying their place in heaven) but it is the profusions of timber framed buildings and the main market square with its Guildhall that draws in the crowds. It’s a mandatory place for US tourists to tick off the list too, not least because it was home to USAAF 487th Bomb Group during WW II. They flew 185 missions from Lavenham airfield losing 48 planes.


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