Tales from the River Bank

The River Gipping originates to the North East of Stowmarket before winding its way the seventeen miles to Ipswich where it changes its name (for reasons that I’ve not as yet been unable to determine) to the River Orwell (from which 1984, Animal Farm, etc. author Eric Blair took his pen name) just before it flows around the Ipswich Wetdock. At this point it becomes a tidal river and continues a further seven miles out to the joint estuary with the River Stour and the Port of Felixstowe.

Sir Bobby Robson Bridge

In the seventeen hundreds fifteen locks were added between Stowmarket and Ipswich to form the Ipswich and Stowmarket Navigation, although as a means of moving cargo this was a short lived enterprise shortly to be superceeded by a rail link between the two towns.


While no longer navigable by boat you can still walk the length of the Gipping although my lunch time outings this week have restricted my perambulations to the stretch between the Handford Lock and the Wetdock.

Wet Docks


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