Paul’s Maltings & adjoining Kiln, Princes Street

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 14 Paul’s Maltings & adjoining Kiln, Princes Street

Paul’s Maltings & adjoining Kiln

This early 19th century Maltings and kiln (built by R. & W. Paul Ltd who at one time where the fourth large malsters in the UK) is one of the first buildings to greet rail travellers to Ipswich and stands about two thirds of the way between the railway station and the football ground in Portman Road. Of red brick and with Dutch gable ends it has a rather forlorn look to it at the moment – boarded up as it has been now for four years.

Between 1893 and 1912 R. & W. Paul had built a total of five maltings in the town, the largest of these at the wetdocks, making the raw materials (wheat and barley) and end product (malt for the brewing industry) that much easier to move by boat (coincidently one of the Paul brothers had interests in the United Shipping Company).

The Princes Street maltings was converted into a night club in the 1970’s and has been known variously as Hollywoods, Kartouche and, most recenty, Zest whose signage is still attached to several points around the building. It was closed permanently after it lost its licence when its management “failed to take steps to promote the prevention of crime”.

At the same time as the Ipswich serial killings were taking place in the town (October to 10 December 2006) a young Londoner was shot dead at the nightclub (initially reported as a stabbing) and three other clubbers were wounded after shots were randomly fired into a group of revellers. The murder remains unsolved.


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