Half Moon & Star Public House

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 10 Half Moon & Star Public House

The old Half Moon & Star pub on the corner of Barrack Lane and St Matthew’s Street dates from the 18th century although it may well be older, or may possibly have replaced another earlier building, as it is said that brewing took place here “up to the reign of James I“.

To its right in the picture, and painted green, is a two storey 17-18th century timber-framed cottage – at one time a greengrocers shop – that was incorporated into the pub sometime after the 1930’s.

The pub served its final customer in 1986 and stood boarded-up and neglected for eleven years until the Ipswich Building Preservation Trust, with grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund, converted the building into flats and also built social housing units in the yard at the rear.

[Footnote: Following its conversion the old pub and cottage are technically in Barrack Lane (numbers 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)]


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