Into the Valley

Above: Ipswich’s free-scoring inside left Phillips dives to head the ball past Duff of Charlton in a match at the Valley. A goal was not awarded because Rees (No.8) is offside.

As mentor of the Pride of Anglia website I’m frequently it touch with the author’s of other club sites and have recently been able to lend a helping hand to David Instone who, in partnership with Wolves legend John Richards, runs the Wolves nostalgia site Wolves Heroes.

David has recently co-authored 24 Carat Gold, a biography of Bobby Gould, one of football great characters, who banged in the goals, with some regularity, for Coventry, Wolves, West Ham and others during the 1970’s. He was in the West Ham side that beat Ipswich in the 1975 FA Cup Semi-Final after a replay. It took me months to get over the disappointment!

David is big collector of football images and he’s kindly sent me a number of pictures that feature Town in action. My favorite is the one above that shows Ipswich at Charlton’s ‘The Valley’ in the early 1960’s. Lot’s of things going on here. Row of boys watching from the front of the terrace. Three photographers with browning box cameras. The goal would have probably have been given today, I’m certain, as Doug Rees would be deemed not to be interfering with play!. A great photo.


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