Suffolk Soldiers’ Memorial

Listed Buildings in Ipswich: No 2 Suffolk Soldiers’ Memorial

The Grade I listed “Suffolk Soldiers’ Memorial” commemorates soldiers from the county who died during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). It was originally erected on the Cornhill (in front of Ipswich Town Hall) and unveiled on September, 29 1906, but was later moved to Christchurch Park to free up space on the Cornhill for the town’s trams to manoeuvre. It took around fifty men armed with a series of rollers to relocate the memorial which stands 15’ 6” high overall. The statue itself is 6’ tall and cast from bronze.

If we covered the Boer War at school then I confess to have forgotten all I was taught so was somewhat aghast to learn, after a bit more research, that 16,987 men from both sides died in action, a further 13,250 British troops died from disease, 934 went missing and 22,828 were wounded. Not that anyone should be proud of those stats but to learn that 27,927 Boer women and children died in BRITISH concentration camps during the conflict makes me shudder. Yes, BRITAIN invented the concentration camp (although some claim that the USA or possibly Russia may have beaten us to it) and also used the conflict in southern Africa to refine its scorched earth policies first used on the Irish in the 16th century.


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