A Prophet

A Prophet – Jacques Audiard (2009) @ the Ipswich Film Society

I thoroughly enjoy foreign cinema but the run time of A Prophet of two-and-a-half hours – and concentrating for that long on subtitles – almost persuaded us to stay indoors in the warm. But I’m very glad that we didn’t as this is a gem and it’s of little surprise that it was won several awards, including best film at the Cannes Film Festival, since its release towards the tail end of last year.

Immensely watch-able (there’s a good plot summary here), you daren’t turn away for fear of missing anything in this incident crammed film. A brilliant work it must be if it can get you rooting for a petty criminal who turns to murder and subterfuge to survive a six year jail term and emerges a hardened gang leader at the end.

It’s just a shame that this will never see the inside of a cineplex. If filmed in English it would be a box office smash but sadly won’t make it much beyond the Art House circuit.


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