Ipswich Town 1 Barnsley 3

13-11-2010: Ipswich Town 1 Barnsley 3 (NPower Championship)
Portman Road, Ipswich, Suffolk

Ignoring the last twelve months of the Lyall/McGiven era, Jim Magilton’s reign and the turgid crap served up during the John Duncan era, Ipswich Town Football Club has long been admired, at home and abroad, for playing football the proper way. For forty plus years I’ve proudly supported our small club conscious of the fact that we have no divine right to be successful, a view, I believe, which is shared by the majority of my fellow Town fans.

I don’t expect or demand success but what I do expect when I head down to Portman Road on a Saturday afternoon, Tuesday night, or whenever, is to be entertained. This sadly has not been the case since the departure of Joe Royle in the summer of 2006 and since then I wouldn’t need the fingers of one hand, let alone two, to count the numbers of games that fall into that category.

Today’s game was quite easily the worst game I’ve ever witnessed at PR, and the reaction of the crowd during the game (ironically cheering the visitors ability to string successive passes together, chants of ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Doing’ following the latest in a long line of bewildering substitutions) would suggest that they felt the same way too. Less and less over the past few years have I looked forward to home games but this is the first time the whole match day experience has felt me feeling cheap, used and dirty.

I applauded his appointment nineteen months ago and I’ve been supportive of manager Roy Keane up until kick-off today but enough is enough. I can only hope that owner Marcus Evans – present during this latest shambolic performance – concurs and brings this mediocre era of passionless, clueless hoofball to an end.


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