What’s in a name?

Groups of streets in one area are sometimes named using a particular theme. The ministering angel of domestic bliss and I once lived in a group of such streets in Bury St Edmunds, streets that took their names from English Abbeys. So there was Lindisfarne Road, Dorchester Road, Kirkstead Road, etc, etc. Then later, in Ipswich, our street was in a group named after Slavery abolitionists. Clarkson Street, Wilberforce Street, Benezet Street, Elliott Street, Burlington Road, Dillwyn Street, etc, etc.

There are many other such groups in the town and Miss Extremegroundhopping has just moved into one, that, at a cursory glance anyway, appears to have a football theme 🙂

There’s Chelsea Close, Everton Crescent, Chesterfield Drive, Tranmere Grove, Preston Drive and Charlton Avenue. The homes date from the Fifties but not all the teams (if indeed the streets are named after teams) competed in the same divisions in that era, and there is no other obvious connection, so why these names were chosen over others in the Football League is not immediately clear. If you know differently then get in touch!


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