Eden Project

Our first visit to the Eden Project was in the summer of 2002. The surrounding area was gridlocked with cars which delayed our entry by a good hour. We then made the mistake of visiting the Mediterranean biome first which meant by the time we entered the more popular Tropical biome it was absolutely heaving.

So, rather than being able to walk around at leisure we shuffled forward an inch at a time in step with several thousand others. As the name would suggest the Tropical biome is hot and humid and by the time we made our escape we were drenched with sweat, parched and just a tad irritable.

Visiting off-season is most definitely the way to do Eden. Yes, today was busy but not enough to prevent you from setting your own pace. Away from the two biomes – the main attractions – it’s very very quiet and there is a huge amount to see that I guess most visitors completely overlook!

Whenever you go you can’t help but be amazed/inspired/in awe of the view you get on entering the park (see panorama) – it really is something else and right up there with some of the wonders of the world I’ve had the privilege to visit.


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