Stunning Cornish Coastline, Marconi Monument & Mullion AFC

Ignoring the early morning drizzle today (we were later rewarded with nice sunny spells) we set off on a four mile (three hour) circular walk starting at Poldhu Cove on the western side of the Lizard Peninsula.

One of many haunts for surfers and swimmers alike during the summer, the cove, with large sandy beach and dunes, was virtually empty today. The footpath takes you past a rather imposing residential home that overlooks the cove and then up and away from the sea towards Mullion village.

The largest village on the peninsula Mullion is largely unremarkable although quite by chance we came across the picturesque home of Cornish Combination League side Mullion AFC. Mrs. Extremegroundhopping demanded recompense for my fifteen minute photo stop with a break for coffee and cake at the Mullion Meadows Chocolate Factory. Then it was down again towards Mullion Cove where we were on Sunday. Fantastic views all the way.

Continuing along the coastal path to Polurrian Cove – another beach that we had to ourselves except for two young kids on horseback – and then along a hair-raising cliff path towards the Marconi Monument and back to the car at Poldhu Cove.

The Marconi Monument is close to where the Poldhu Wireless Station operated between 1900 and 1933 and where the very first ever signal was conveyed across the Atlantic Ocean, by wireless telegraphy, back in 1901. As a one time employee of Marconi Communications Systems Ltd this was of particular interest to yours truly.

More pictures of Mullion AFC will appear in a summary post at the end of the week.


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