Mullion Cove, Coverack and Helston Athletic FC

With Cornwall bathed in sunshine we headed out to the Lizard peninsula, first taking in Mullion Cove, and what a stunning place its is. A superlative that I suspect will be repeated numerous times as I report back on our week down in the south west. On the western side of the peninsular the cove is around six miles from Helston and a mile down a fairly steep road from Mullion Village.

Mullion Cove

It has two seal walls which date from the late eighteen hundreds. These were constructed to protect the local pilchard boats from the ferocious winter storms that pound the Cornish coast, although the image of waves crashing against the harbour walls is a difficult one to conjure up as we wandered along its walls in shirt sleeves in the late summer sun and a gentle breeze.

Mullion Cove

This is a nasty stretch of coast for shipping with nine wrecks reported along the immediate coastline from 1867 to 1873. The rocky cliffs and outcrops, which today are picture postcard stuff, must have been the perfect place for smugglers to bring ashore their goods undetected by the authorities.

Mullion Cove

We then headed eastward across Goonhilly Downs, past the Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station, and onto the fishing village of Coverack. Not quite as stunning as Mullion Cove the village also boasts of past links with smuggling. The harbour wall here was built in 1724 and a number of the cottages that it protects are said to have secret cellars for the hiding of contraband.


Last stop of the day was on the edge of Helston and Kellaway Park the home of Helston Athletic FC. At last a football related post I hear you say. This is ground one of several that I hope to get to this coming week. Given the beautiful scenery we’d been privileged to take in earlier this was bound to be a disappointment, and so it proved to be.

Helston Athletic FC

There is an air of neglect about the place not least the pebble dashed concrete club house, which looks to be missing various bits of roofing. The neglect is echoed in the official website which hasn’t been updated since 2008. But after the delights of Mullion Cove perhaps I’m being too hard on the Cornwall Combination side.

I’ll include a few more pictures of Helston Athletic FC in a summary post at the end of the week.


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