Broom Hill Pool

Broom Hill Pool

Broom Hill Pool closed its door to the public in 2002 and despite the very best efforts of the Broom Hill Pool Trust is now only accessible to ordinary folk on days such as today (day four of Heritage Open Days 2010).

Broom Hill Pool

A lido and outdoor swimming pool, the Modernist/Art Deco Style Broom Hill opened in 1938. It is the only lido in the country to have been built to metric dimensions (who say’s Suffolk is behind the times) and the only one that retains a diving platform (5 metres tall with four boards at differing heights). The complex includes a 700-seater grandstand, sun terrace and changing rooms and an Olympic size pool which at one time had underwater floodlights to cater for evening swimmers.

Broom Hill Pool

The main entrance once boasted a clock tower, although this has sadly been taken down, but this doesn’t detract from visual appeal of a building that, since our move a week ago, I now have the pleasure of walking past each day on my way to and from work.

More pictures here.


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