Moving Day!

Ipswich Association (circa 1880)

They say that next to divorce moving home is one of the most stressful things that you can put yourself through. I’ve never gone through the former but can certainly attest to the latter. The blood pressure levels attained in the ExtremeGroundhopping household over the last four months as we sold our town centre dwelling and moved to the more pastoral surroundings of North West Ipswich (just a mile away) were off the scales. So being otherwise occupied I hope you’ll forgive the lack of updates on this blog.

I can’t date this picture of the Ipswich Association side (who became ITFC in 1888) but it would be around the early 1880’s and was taken in the Broom Hill Park area of Ipswich, roughly where Sherrington Park is located today and a matter of just one hundred metres or so from the new ‘Chez ExtremeGroundhopping’. The club played at Broom Hill, and on a pitch at the adjacent Brooks Hall, for ten years before moving a mile across town to Portman Road.

You may be forgiven for thinking that the goalkeeper is back row left in the white top, but the keeper at the time is actually one A Catchpole who (bearing an uncanny resemblance to archive photos I’ve seen of John Henry ‘DOC’ Holliday) is the gentleman dressed in hat and coat on the right!

Many thanks to Alasdair Ross for the picture which, I believe, comes from the Ipswich School archives.


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